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Tax Reform May Affect Financial Reporting

Tax Reform May Affect Financial Reporting

The Trump administration and Republican lawmakers are calling for a major overhaul to the U.S. tax code. This article explains that, if the final changes are as sweeping as the proposals lawmakers have put forth, the implications on accounting for income taxes will be significant…

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When is the Right Time to Exit My Business?

When is the Right Time to Exit My Business?

Business owners generally don’t like to think about it, but eventually a transition out of their business is inevitable. By taking the following factors into consideration, you can have the confidence you need to exit your business on your own terms.

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Understanding Today’s Job Seeker

Understanding Today’s Job Seeker

When it comes to recruiting new employees, how much do you really understand about the candidates you are trying to attract? Things have changed quite a bit since jobs were scarce– the post-recession millennial job seeker of today is far different than the job seeker of the past.

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