No Response? Tips for Creating an Engaging LinkedIn Message

steve guenther, talent relations lead
Every day a position stays open means lost productivity for your business. Unfortunately, highly-qualified candidates don’t always apply to your job postings. In many cases, they are already employed and are not actively seeking a new opportunity. That doesn’t mean that these potential candidates are completely closed to the possibility, but it does mean you’ll have to work harder to get their attention.

Talent acquisition professionals often leverage connections made through LinkedIn to reach passive candidates. Many times these initial messages are ignored. While standing out from the competition can pose a challenge, here are a few techniques that have been proven effective.


Timing Is Everything

Statistics show that LinkedIn messages sent to passive candidates over the weekend almost never get responses. However, sending the same message on a Thursday or Friday can increase response rates dramatically. For many employees, the end of the week is a time to wrap up business activities and prepare for the weekend, which means clearing out personal emails and handling LinkedIn contacts.


First Impressions Are Critical

The subject line you use dramatically impacts the likelihood that recipients will read your message. Remember, talented workers get multiple contacts per week, so you need to stand out from the competition. Instead of a basic “Opportunity at ABC Company”, try “Industry Leader Seeking an Innovator Like You Adam”.


Quality Gets Results

Instead of relying on a standard message, put time into crafting a thoughtful communication. Personalize your note to the potential candidate’s interests and experiences. Strategically crafted messages encourage responses more effectively than a generic email blast to multiple passive candidates.

Some tips for creating a message that gets noticed include:

  • Anticipate that the recipient of the note is happy in their current role, and your message may be more valuable as a networking tool.
  • The previous point notwithstanding, be sure not to ask for referrals in your initial request. This indicates you aren’t interested in the specific individual; you are instead just casting a net for applicants.
  • Demonstrate your interest in engaging with the recipient without crossing the line into excessive flattery.
  • Do your homework. Before sending a message, review the individual’s industry experience and current responsibilities. You can be sure that you will cause offense if you send someone a note that states they would be a great fit for a role that they lack the experience and skill to take.


Follow Up and Follow Through

It would be a shame to lose a qualified candidate’s interest because you failed to follow up, especially after putting much time and care into creating a message that will, hopefully, get the responses you want.

A few simple steps can make the difference between a conversation that trails off over time and a candidate that applies to your posting today.

  • Send a LinkedIn request to the prospective candidate right away to verify your interest in the relationship.
  • Include your contact information in the message and invite the recipient to contact you through whichever channel he or she prefers.
  • Attach a brief (one page) overview of your company, including any critical information on industry leadership.
  • Don’t ask for too much too soon. Wait to take them through the formal application until you have connected by phone or email. Build a relationship first, so that the individual can be confident you are specifically interested in his or her unique talents.


Overall, be genuine, concise, and put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. What kind of LinkedIn messages have YOU responded to in the past? Why?





Steve Guenther is a Client Relations Manager at Lutz Talent with over 20 years of experience in a hiring and managerial capacity, and more than five years in staffing/search. He is responsible for assisting clients through the hiring process by searching for and selecting potential candidates that will fit their current and future business needs. Steve focuses his efforts on the accounting, finance, human resources, and office administrative industries.

  • Recruiting & Search Services
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Direct Hire Placement
  • Client Account Managment
  • Predictive Index Analyst, Certified
  • Organization Analysis & Design, Certified
  • BA in Business Administration, Wayne State College, Wayne, NE
  • Saint Columbkille Catholic Church, Parish Member, Volunteer


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