Industry Market Analysis Services

How Does Your Business Stack up to Others in the Market?

At Lutz M&A, our team of experienced merger and acquisition professionals believe that industry market research is one of the most critical steps in the transaction process. Through a detailed industry analysis, we can provide insights and recommendations that will give your business a competitive advantage. We will thoroughly analyze the fluctuating middle-market landscape to help you run a competitive analysis and discover the true value of your business.



  • Research & Understand Current
    • Trends
    • Industry Transaction Performance
    • Buyer/Seller Behavior
  • Evaluate
    • Demographics & Segmentation
    • Target Market
    • Market Need
    • Competition
    • Entry Barriers
  • Analyze Historical Financial Data
  • Identify Potential Opportunities
  • Develop Sales Forecast & Financial Projections
  • Present Key Findings & Value-Added Recommendations

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