You spend half of your life at work. You should love it.

Careers for Experienced Professionals

A lot of us at Lutz have been where you are now: You know that you’re great at what you do, but need a challenge, a recharge, and a reminder of why you fell in love with this career path in the first place. We’ll help you remember.

We have the resources of a larger firm, but the culture and opportunities of a tight-knit office. Our company and clients can only thrive when our team is thriving, so we want you to be yourself, grow personally and professionally, and feel at home. Our team members get along on the clock and after hours. Families are welcome; flexibility is required. The halls are abuzz with conversation, laughter at the water cooler is real, and our clients actually get to know us.

We believe that work should be both stimulating and based on respectful, realistic expectations. The proof is in the pudding:

When people come to Lutz, they tend to stick around.

We listen to their feedback, support them, give them opportunities to advance, and have been voted one of the “Best Places to Work in Omaha” and one of Accounting Today’s “Best Accounting Firms to Work For” because of their dedication.

“I came from another accounting firm. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the people I worked with there, however, the work environment was not one that motivated individuals to produce. At Lutz, I am surrounded with excellent individuals that foster an environment in which I am driven and motivated to bring my best work product to work everyday. I now enjoy my time at work, and find that I want to spend more time at work without being prompted by any manager or partner. I am extremely impressed with the partners at the firm and their willingness to apply common business sense into real-life application instead of being guided only by policies and procedures. I am so grateful to be working at Lutz and am proud to call myself a member of the Lutz team.”

Lutz may be the change you need, and you may be just who we need. Please view all of our current openings, or simply apply here and we’ll be in touch as we come across an opportunity that might be a fit.


We would like to get to know all of who you are, where you've been, and what you are looking for in your career.

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