Careers for Experienced Professionals

A lot of us at Lutz have been where you are now. You know that you’re great at what you do, but need a challenge, a recharge, and a reminder of why you fell in love with this career path in the first place. We’ll help you remember.


Experience the Lutz Difference

We have the resources of a larger firm, but the culture and opportunities of a tight-knit office. Our team members get along on the clock and after hours. Families are welcome; flexibility is required. The halls are abuzz with conversation, laughter at the water cooler is real, and our clients actually get to know us.

At Lutz, we want you to be able to:

  • Be yourself
  • Enjoy the work you do
  • Grow personally and professionally
  • Have fun
  • Feel at home

When people come to Lutz, they tend to stick around. We place a high priority on our employees. At Lutz, we take the time to listen to your feedback, give you the support you need, and offer you opportunities to advance. Lutz may be the change you need. Please view all of our current openings, or simply apply here and we’ll be in touch as we come across an opportunity that might be a fit.





"Lutz's commitment to culture is exceptional. The company knows that happy employees equals happy customers. It's that simple."

"Having a genuine open-door policy; this happens with the ability to walk in anyone's door, regardless of title or authority, and not only feel comfortable enough to express any concerns, thoughts, or ideas you have but to truly feel like they value you and your time, and want to build a relationship."

"The people in this organization are hard-working, compassionate, friendly, family-focused and fun. Trust is our secret sauce. When you are trusted and when you trust others, you can be completely yourself at work. You can make mistakes and know you are supported and you can work collaboratively to give clients over the top service. I am very proud to call Lutz my second family!"

"The people at Lutz truly set it apart. Leaders that want what's best for you, mentors that dig deep to help overcome challenges and push you to be your best, and colleagues that have turned into best friends. I wouldn't want to work anywhere else or with anybody else!"

"Lutz cares about its employees - they walk the walk AND talk the talk! They put culture first."


We would like to get to know all of who you are, where you've been, and what you are looking for in your career.

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