Lutz Culture + Core Values

Our core values are fundamental to the way we express everything “Lutz” on a daily basis, and build the platform of our culture.


By building genuine relationships and doing the right thing, we aim to take the weight off our clients’ shoulders while also having their backs. We are secure enough in ourselves to focus our energy on others. We strive to collaborate mindfully and act passionately. The Lutz voice is confident, yet conversational. Our proactive nature helps us get to the point.


We invest in ourselves to become the experienced, well-informed professionals that our clients deserve. Our passion for learning drives us to smart solutions. We focus on the big picture, while paying attention to the details. Our ability to speak the same language inspires confidence and clarity. 


We create opportunities to whistle while we work. Clients and co-workers become friends when we enjoy the ride together. We welcome others’ viewpoints and know the value of a fresh angle. We want to be in this together. We strive to be accessible and connected in order to build strong relationships. We put people at the top of our priority list.


We aim to make things right and stay ahead of the curve. Our accountability helps us navigate the way for others’ success. We uphold the traditions that have brought us to today, while embracing the change that carries us to tomorrow. We ask, “what’s next?” Compassionate and responsive service is the way we do business around here. Always, we will raise the bar.


We would like to get to know all of who you are, where you've been, and what you are looking for in your career.

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