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Lutz Consulting

Risk Assessment

Lutz Consulting + Risk Assessment

Proactively Address + Manage Your Organization's Risk

We often see security measures put in place or disaster planning happen after a tragedy has already occurred. Our comprehensive risk assessment is the first step in proactively identifying any deficiencies or threats your business is susceptible to. We'll look deep into your organization's operations, physical security, technology, and fraud risk to identify weak spots, provide valuable insights, recommend updates, and help you make informed decisions to enhance your company's security measures.


  • Operational Risk Assessment

    + Organizational Structure & Resources 
    + Complete Risk Compliance
    + Policies & Procedures
    + Training
    + Legal

  • Physical Security Assessment

    + Employee Safety
    + Physical Security Policy Review 
    + Access Controls
    + Emergency Communication
    + Rapid Response Notification Systems 

  • Technology Assessment

    + Business Continuity & Disaster
    + Data Backup 
    + Cybersecurity
    + Multi-Factor Authentication
    + Security Awareness Training (SAT) 
    + Secure Online Documentation
    + Internet Redundancy
    + Defined Response Process
    + Advanced Endpoint Protection 

  • Fraud Risk Assessment

    + Diligence Procedures
    + Protection & Implementation Plans
    + Employee Threats
    + Ineffective or Non-Existent Controls

Risk Image
Lutz Consulting

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Let's Establish a Plan

Stay a step ahead by creating a risk management plan to ensure you're prepared if disaster strikes.