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There’s a lot of great talent out there, but it’s meaningless unless you get the right people, in the right chairs, at the right times. At Lutz Talent, we can help you find what matters.

We have a deep background in the accounting and finance industry, as well as special focuses on human resources and office administrative positions. Our team continually works to develop a wide network of contacts in our local and national community. Still, we recognize that more résumés don’t equate to a stronger fit – and we realize that companies need to get someone on board ASAP. We dedicate ourselves to thoroughly learning our clients’ objectives, harnessing a pool of premier applicants, and getting the absolute strongest one on board.

All the while, our candidates’ needs are top-of-mind. We want this to be a healthy match from every perspective and are equally concerned with helping individuals make informed, rewarding career moves and pleasing our clients. If at any point in the process we doubt the “fit,” we’ll go back to the drawing board.

Confidentiality, integrity and candor are essential to us, and we won’t underestimate the value of our relationships or yours. We are proud of our reputation as an upstanding business solutions firm, among employers, employees and peers alike. The ultimate indicator that we’ve done our job well is the sense – from employers and individuals, months and years down the line – that we have exceeded expectations to foster happiness and success.


We would like to get to know all of who you are, where you've been, and what you are looking for in your career.

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