Why Lutz Accounting

Certified public accounting is where Lutz started in 1980, and it’s the backbone of our business because it’s also still at the heart of yours. We know our stuff.

More than 25 percent of our expert team has experience at national firms. The difference around here is that our clients aren’t just numbers; they’re friends and allies who just so happen to rely on us to do what we do so well – tax, accounting, benefits plans, assurance, valuation and more – so they can focus where they excel. We share goals, we share ledgers, we share strategies, we share successes and we share casual conversation over coffee.

We offer a tailored approach which is achieved through regularly scheduled meetings, early planning and knowledge of your business functions. This helps us identify key areas that enable us to tailor our procedures to the unique aspects of your business. The result is an effective and efficient service performed in a timely manner by highly qualified professionals.

We understand the values, attitudes and characteristics that drive entrepreneurially oriented entities characterized by the desire for expansion and the attendant challenges that growth opportunities create.

Lutz is committed to providing professional services and solutions for our clients. This philosophy is reflected in the power and accountability of ownership we instill in our people and our personal dedication to providing value for our clients. Whether you are looking for expert tax, accounting, assurance or consulting services, our professionals are here to work alongside you to help achieve your goals.

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