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8 ways to get (and stay) motivated at work

Steve guenther, talent director


We’ve all been there. You get started on a new project at work and you’re fired up about it. Things go smoothly for a little while, and then eventually, getting anything done feels like pulling teeth. That motivation to work hard and produce great results can fade just as quickly as it starts. So, what do you do?

Motivation is a crucial part of business. Whether you’re working alone or in a team, it’s an important skill to grow. Unmotivated teams tend to be less productive and more likely to have higher turnover rates. So, lack of motivation is not only stressful, it actually costs you money!

If you are ready to beat that mid-project slump, here are eight tips on how to get (and stay) motivated at work:

1. Set goals and timelines

Your goals should be established by using the SMART method to nail down what’s important. Many goals look huge at first glance, but breaking them down into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks can help you manage them. Finishing a task is always a nice feeling and splitting your goals into bite-sized pieces will help you monitor your progress and motivate you with each step. When you have several relatively simple tasks to complete instead of one big, looming project, you’re less likely to be overwhelmed.

2. Avoid procrastination

This one is hard to follow, but here’s the truth: We all have things we don’t really “like” to do. But continuing to put them off doesn’t get them done any faster. Whenever you can, try to complete these less desirable tasks as soon as possible. With them out of the way, you can move on to other, more enjoyable work. This also ties in with number three.

3. Make strategic use of rewards

You read that right! Rewards aren’t just for kids anymore. Rewards give us dopamine and that quick hit of excitement can do wonders for motivation. It doesn’t have to be anything huge or fancy but consider treating yourself after you finish a particularly stressful project or task. When you combine this with time-blocking, such as the Pomodoro Method, this technique can be especially effective. Work for a set amount of time, and then take a short break as your “reward.” The anticipation will keep you going even when motivation runs low.

4. Keep work at work

Our brains need time to rest and recover in between periods of intense work, just as we rest our bodies after a workout. Make work-life balance a priority and focus on the things you love while not at work. Spend time with your loved ones or take up a hobby. Anything that energizes and nurtures you. That way, when you come back to the office, your mind will be refreshed.

5. Adopt a positive attitude

Look, no one’s job is fun all of the time. There will be stressful times, but we cannot control them. What we can control is how we react when faced with negativity. Will you choose to get wrapped up in drama or worrying, or will you move forward with a positive outlook?

6. Have a support system at work

You don’t have to be best friends with your coworkers, but the workday will be a lot more pleasant if you find some people to connect with. Surround yourself with individuals who are positive and make you feel good. Having colleagues that you feel comfortable talking with and that you can trust will help ease your stress.

7. Take control

Too often we get wrapped up in worrying about things we can’t control. Do it enough, and you’ll not only lose motivation, but you’ll also fall behind on things you actually can control. This also ties in to number five above. Adopt a positive outlook, take ownership of things that you can do something about, and if it can’t be helped, let it go.

8. Take care of yourself

Work is important, but there’s only one you. Try your best to get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, and move your body. We all know that we feel sluggish and unmotivated if we’re tired, hungry, or sad. So, by making sure your physical and emotional needs are met, you’ll have a much easier time staying motivated.

The workplace can be a stressful place sometimes, but it’s not impossible to regain motivation when you need it. Whether you’re a manager or an employee, you can use these strategies to get motivated, stay positive, and produce your best work. For more information on how we foster a positive workplace at Lutz, contact us or check out our current opportunities.





Steve Guenther is the Talent Director at Lutz Talent. He began his career in 2018. He is responsible for assisting clients through the hiring process by searching for and selecting potential candidates that will fit their current and future business needs. Steve focuses his efforts on the accounting, finance, human resources, and office administrative industries.

  • Recruiting & Search Services
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Direct Hire Placement
  • Client Account Managment
  • Predictive Index Analyst, Certified
  • Organization Analysis & Design, Certified
  • BA in Business Administration, Wayne State College, Wayne, NE
  • Saint Columbkille Catholic Church, Parish Member, Volunteer


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