Benefits of Temporary Staffing During Times of Crisis

Benefits of temporary staffing during times of crisis

chris bouchard, talent shareholder


Economic crises bring adverse effects on businesses, sometimes forcing them to downsize, cut employee hours, or impose a hiring freeze. This mostly happens when it’s not known how long an emergency will last. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has not been any different. Many businesses have been affected as far as their employees are concerned.

Unfortunately, these steps pose some dangers to companies. The impact of losing the workforce is quite significant, especially since there is still work to be done and goals to meet. Having staff working remotely may not provide the optimal solution since their productivity may not be at its peak. This is where the need to find temporary workforce solutions comes in handy. The inherent flexibility of temporary workers is an effective way to get work done at a lesser cost but on time.

Why Temporary Staffing?

One way to see where the economy is headed is to analyze the current staffing trends. As companies look to cut down on their expenses, they rely on more affordable labor to keep their businesses running. One of the most significant reasons for hiring temporary staff is the flexibility that comes with it.

While employers may not seek help with the more complex job, they might need an extra pair of hands for routine tasks. Thus, they’re on the lookout for trained and qualified personnel to work temporarily. This frees up the rest of the full-time team to concentrate on more specialized assignments. The presence of temporary workers keeps regular employees fully productive without overworking them, thus reducing the risk of losing great talent.


If your company is forced to downsize, as many have during COVID, hiring temporary employees is an affordable option to replace full-time staff. Depending on the positions they’re hired for, temporary staff may demand higher or lower pay. However, since they don’t get other company benefits offered to regular employees, hiring them is usually cheaper.

Additional Expertise to the Company

As you hire temporary employees, you may find new and better talent that you didn’t have before. For example, your company may lack computer specialists or senior executives with detailed experience in their niche. Bringing them on board temporarily helps meet the short-term goals at a reduced cost.

During a crisis, there’s usually an overabundance of qualified candidates looking for placements. Most of them are willing to take up projects as temporary staff to gain exposure in a working environment. They want to bring value to a company’s table while making some money doing it. It’s therefore easy to find the right talent for the vacant positions in your company.

Low Costs of Hiring and Training

When you hire temporary staff through staffing agencies, you increase your chances of finding the right employees. Agencies prescreen candidates, so you can be sure they have the skills needed for the position you’re hiring. Keep in mind that just because someone seeks a temporary position doesn’t mean they’re unskilled. Retirees with high qualifications, for example, sometimes seek short-term assignments.

With the technological advancement the world is experiencing today, it’s easy to set up your temporary staff to work remotely. In so doing, you’ll spend less on training costs yet get value for your investment.

The new employees also receive on-the-job training. You can evaluate the usefulness and the value they bring to your business during their engagement period. If the crisis ends and you feel like you’d want to hire them, it’ll be cheaper for the company. These types of employees become what is commonly known as temp-to-hire workers.

On their downside, temporary staff may not be the cure-all solution. Sometimes, hiring full-time employees is a better approach. Short-term employees may take time to get up-to-speed with company values and procedures. They also may not have the same level of loyalty as full-time employees.

Overall, the benefits of hiring temporary staff outweigh the downsides. When employed in the right company at the right time, they can solve numerous short-term problems.

Find Help with Your Staffing Needs

Hiring temporary workers may be the best solution for your business during a crisis. Unfortunately, you may not have the time to handle the recruiting process. This is where we can help. Contact us at Lutz Talent if you have any questions or need assistance in filling your temporary staffing needs.





Chris Bouchard is the Talent Shareholder at Lutz with over 16 years of staffing and recruiting experience. He focuses on direct-hire and temporary staffing and strategic assessment and selection of potential candidates with an emphasis on human resources, accounting, finance, and office administrative positions.

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