2019 Manufacturing Outlook Survey Results

This year’s survey report contains the expectations and opinions of more than 350 manufacturing executives who produce a wide variety of products including industrial/machining, transportation/automotive…

How Would a Robotics Tax Affect Manufacturing Businesses?

These days, manufacturing businesses of all sizes and scopes utilize robots in a variety of ways. Doing so helps these companies save time and money and ultimately improve their bottom lines. However, are there underlying issues with the robotics “revolution” that could lead to potential future taxes?

Using Financial Ratios to Drive Manufacturing Efficiency

The goal of every manufacturer is to increase revenue by improving production efficiency. However, many manufacturers fail to take financial analytics into consideration. For instance, how efficient is your cash use? Are you using applying profitability ratios to help prioritize your inventory and production?..

Additive Manufacturing Has Many Tax and Accounting Implications

Many businesses and firms think 3D printing is too expensive to integrate into their operations. Yet today, there are many reasonably priced, consumer-grade 3D printers available, and the applications for this additive manufacturing process are seemingly endless…

Should Manufacturers Buy or Lease Large Equipment?

Earlier this year, the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued an update that will significantly change the way in which lessees and lessors account for leases. The change, which takes effect in 2020, will require businesses to recognize lease assets and liabilities on the balance sheet and to disclose key information about leasing arrangements…

2018 Manufacturing Outlook Survey Results

For 2018, manufacturers expressed significant optimism for their businesses, the industry, and the economy. The political focus on manufacturing and movement on tax reform, reduced regulations, and improvements to healthcare undoubtedly provide a foundation for this positive outlook. The growing U.S. and global economies, weak dollar, rising energy and commodity prices, and improved business and consumer confidence also support this outlook…

2017 Manufacturing Outlook and Insights

Lutz, an accounting and business solutions firm, recently released the results from the 2017 Leading Edge Alliance (LEA Global) National Manufacturing Outlook Survey. With more than 250 participants, this survey report contains the expectations and opinions of manufacturing…


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