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5 tips for choosing a communication application for your business

jack moylan, account manager


Now more than ever, having an effective communication app is key to getting things done in any business. Email and phone calls aren’t enough anymore; small to large companies want modern communication tools with group chat, screen sharing, video conferencing, and more features to ease collaboration and boost productivity.

The right communication app will improve employee engagement and make working together much easier within your business. Currently, there are numerous options on the market, making it challenging to pick the most suitable one. This blog will help you learn the benefits of a quality chat app and how to choose the right one for your business’s unique needs.


Benefits of a Quality Chat App

1. Consolidates day-to-day communication

With the right chat app, you can effectively communicate with your workforce through a single application. Some important features to look for include audio and video calling, instant messaging, group chats, and simple document sharing.

2. Promotes teamwork across your workforce

A quality chat app like Microsoft Teams enables you to schedule audio or video web meetings to engage and exchange ideas. In addition, it allows your team to share documents and receive notifications from groups they are part of.

3. Allows for integration with other business-critical applications

Chat apps can be integrated with other business applications for improved efficiency and convenience. For instance, Microsoft Teams can be integrated with other Microsoft programs, while RingCentral can be integrated with HubSpot.

4. Allows for external communication with clients or contractors

Some communication apps enable you to communicate with your clients or suppliers. However, your IT team should ensure that external parties can’t access internal chats, communications, or data before attempting.

5. Helps you keep track of communications

Historical conversations are essential in decision making and dispute solving within your business. A good chat app will help maintain previous conversations at least up to 30 days, if not longer. 


How to Choose the Right App

Here are a few tips to help you choose the most appropriate communication application for your business:

1. Choose a Robust App

You need an app that can meet all of your communication needs from video chat and conferencing, file sharing, group chats and instant messaging, audio calling, screen sharing, and more. Therefore, make a checklist of what you need and involve your team to know what they would prefer to use.

2. Choose an App that is Easy to Implement and Use 

The app you choose should be easy to integrate with your other business-critical programs. It should be easy to implement and, most importantly, easy to use. The app vendor should offer training on how to use the software and provide sufficient support services when the application doesn’t function as expected.

3. Understand Your Budget

Communication apps for business are available at different prices. You want an app that will streamline your communication within your business to increase employee engagement and boost productivity. This is a worthwhile investment as it is something your employees will use daily.

Consider an app that will fit within your budget in the long run. It is also important to consider an app that offers multiple platforms of communication as that may help you eliminate services from other vendors.

4. Scalability is Key

Growth and scalability are important to take any business to the next level. It is a good idea to choose a communication application that will grow with your business. Before you buy, ask about the features: “What is the maximum number of conversations, teams or group chats? Is there a limit to the number of the number of video calls you can have?” This will help you determine if the app will scale with you as your business grows.

A scalable app allows for greater continuity as you don’t have to acquire a new app along the way. Even beyond that, you will not need to retrain your team on a new tool as you move to the next phase of your business.

5. Ask for References

Before you pick a communication application for your business, ask the potential vendors to provide you with references that are similar to your business.

Also, ask your peers and other professionals within the industry for recommendations on tools and applications that have been a success for them.


Final Thoughts

In today’s digital era, chat applications are essential and powerful tools for businesses. At Lutz, you can find more information about communication apps, tech, and IT for businesses. Contact us today if you have any questions or learn more about our IT services.





Jack Moylan is an Account Manager at Lutz Tech with over three years of experience in technology. He is a trusted advisor that sees clients through the full sales cycle. His responsibilities include developing proposals and providing recommendations to clients to assist them in reaching their business goals.

  • Client Relations
  • Technology
  • Cisco Sales Certified
  • Microsoft Licensing Education
  • Microsoft Sales
  • Marketing Education
  • BSBA in Supply Management, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
  • Ducks Unlimited, Member
  • Teammates of Nebraska, Member


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