How to Find a Company Culture that Aligns with Your Values



Today, employees want to work for companies with culture and guiding principles that reflect their values daily. This contributes to employee satisfaction, productivity, and engagement in the workplace.

However, finding a great company to work at goes beyond simply matching your talents to the role. While having the relevant abilities and expertise is vital, being the right cultural fit and demonstrating that your values align with the business’s mission can be equally significant. So how do you align your values with a company’s culture?


Find What’s Important to You

Before you can find a workplace culture that is a good fit for you, you must first understand what that means. What is important to you at work? What do you value most? We are all unique and have different requirements, so find what will make you tick and motivated to go to work every day.

Here are some elements you should consider:

1. Diversity

Working for a company that supports diversity and inclusion can increase morale, happiness, and productivity. It could also expose you to new information and knowledge.

2. Work-Life Balance

You have a life outside the office and need a good balance between that and work. Reduced burnout and good family life lead to long-term job satisfaction.

3. Growth Opportunities

We all look to elevate our lives. The same should go for your job. Companies that offer employee training, tuition reimbursements, and job-shadowing opportunities are a good place to ensure that your career grows along with you.

4. Creativity

Creativity may make the workplace more enjoyable and exciting. Additionally, creative team collaboration yields excellent solutions to difficulties and everyday work challenges.

5. Communication

Like any relationship, communication is key. You will want to work in a company that communicates clearly with its employees. Communication and transparency are good indicators of a company’s integrity and its level of value to its employees.

TIP: If you still doubt yourself, consult the people in your life for an outside perspective. They can help you find what’s important to you. 


What’s the Importance of Company Culture to You?

It is a chance to learn about an employer’s culture and ideas. Keep in mind that employers frequently view numerous candidates with identical qualifications and will select the person whose values and culture most closely align with the company’s values, beliefs, and standards. 

In many circumstances, the individual who wins the position is not always the most qualified but rather the one who is the best fit for the business culture or who most closely corresponds with the mission and values of the organization. Additionally, joining a company whose values do not coincide with yours can leave you feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with your position, regardless of compensation and benefits.  


Assessing the Perfect Culture Fit

The importance of company culture fit should not be underestimated. It is necessary to assess your potential work environment and ensure that its mission, vision, and values closely align with your personality.

Before applying for that job, consider the following:

1. Company’s Mission and Values

Research your potential new company. Social media interactions, the corporate website, and even the photographs on the company pages can reveal a lot. Also, look for press releases about the company’s philanthropic activity, community service, team building, and job happiness.

2. Interact with existing employees

Social media is a great tool to find out what current and former employees think of the company. If most employees are saying nice things, it is usually an indication that the company values its employees and has a great overall culture.

3. Employee Timespan

You must keep an eye on employee turnover at the organization. If the organization has a high employee turnover rate, this is a red flag. Do you encounter the same job postings all the time? Is it your perception that staff prefer to quit rapidly? Do some investigating, but this could be a solid indicator of poor employee culture.


Prioritize The Right Company Culture for You!

The trend of mass resignations and career pivots is mainly motivated by a need and search for personal fulfillment. Therefore, a company with a culture that matches your mentality, beliefs, and aspirations can be tremendous for your life and career. Spend enough time finding the perfect fit for you. This will result in smoother interviews, greater compatibility, and long-term relations with the company.


How Lutz Talent Can Help

Lutz Talent helps businesses and individuals find the right fit. Contact us for search and staffing assistance, or visit our website to find current job opportunities that align with your values.


Laurie Cradick




Laurie Cradick is a Client Relations Manager at Lutz Talent with over 20 years of experience in business development and client relationship management. She is responsible for assisting business leaders to find the best long-term talent to reach their business goals.

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