Risk Assessment

Lutz launches risk assessment service line

Lutz, a Nebraska-based business solutions firm, recently announced a new service offering, Risk Assessment. Offerings include compliance and operational risk reviews, as well as physical security, cybersecurity, and fraud risk assessments.

“Risk is inevitable, but it can be measured and managed through detailed analysis and a customized set of solutions. Our goal is to identify and quantify the risk facing your business. We then develop a plan to assist you in implementing policies, procedures, and best practices to minimize or eliminate the potential impact. We will challenge your leadership team to make informed business decisions regarding your readiness and ability to address threats impacting your physical and intellectual assets and employee security.” said Bob Keenan, Chief Information & Risk Officer at Lutz.

Lutz’s Risk Assessment offering provides a personalized and proactive plan tailored to your business.

Mark Duren, Lutz Managing Shareholder, said, “The firm’s Risk Assessment offering will help our business customers better understand their risk through identification, measurement, and ultimately, a customized solution to manage the known and unknown. The recent impact of COVID-19 has enlightened business owners to their exposure to outside forces and the need for orderly responses to address risk. Our team understands what is necessary to keep your business secure and compliant. We are excited to implement Risk Assessment into Lutz’s business solutions portfolio and are eager to see how it will benefit our clients.”

Learn more about Lutz’s Risk Assessment here:



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