two-factor authentication: The new standard in online security

Steven brabec, it account manager


In an age in which cyber threats are more vast and detrimental than ever, finding ways to keep your network secure is a vital component to every business. Given the prevalence of massive security breaches, as well as the costs associated with the fallout after a major attack, stepping up your cybersecurity is necessary for every organization.

Of the various methods of making your system, employees, and customers more secure, two-factor authentication is quickly becoming the new standard in online security. That said, the following is a closer look at the benefits of using this method.

Strengthens Security

Two-factor authentication is becoming the standard for many businesses because it helps strengthen the security of your network overall. By simply requiring an additional form of authentication, for example sending a text to your phone with a special code to verify your login, helps to drastically reduce the probability that cyber attackers will be able to penetrate your system.

In other words, although a potential attacker may be able to uncover your password, they will still not be able to gain access to your account without the information to complete the second form of authentication. This is why two-step authentication is now being widely used by businesses of all kinds.

Reduce Theft of Data

The theft of data has officially become big business. In the wake of some of the most massive cyberattacks (for example, the Experian and Yahoo data breaches, which served to compromise the personal information of over 1 billion people), every company should be doing it’s absolute best to boost their level of cybersecurity.

Not only do data breaches cause mistrust from your customers and employees, but it can also be highly costly depending on the data that was accessed or stolen. Fortunately, two-factor authentication is an easy, inexpensive method of adding another layer of protection against your sensitive data.

Reduces Calls to Help Desk

Yet another benefit of adding two-factor authentication is that it reduces the amount of calls being made to the help desk. The secured simplicity of the two-factor process causes less password resets and can often save users from having to reset the password altogether. Overall, this means less breaches to investigate for help desk members, which is a great thing for all parties involved.

In all, two-step authentication is hardly a new method of protecting your network. What is new is its seemingly sudden and widespread implementation by businesses and organizations of all kinds.


The ever-present threat of a cybersecurity breach has caused the world to discover the true value of this invention. Although there are no foolproof methods for protecting your network, taking the time to implement processes such as two-factor authentication is a great way to add another protective layer of security to your network.

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Steven Brabec is an IT Account Manager at Lutz Tech with over eight years of information technology experience. He is responsible for working with clients to develop IT solutions that help them reach their business goals. Additionally, he will be providing account management support and IT consulting services. 

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  • BS in Information Technology, Wayne State College, Wayne, NE
  • Pinnacle Bank Championship, Volunteer


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