Building a Personal Brand for Your Job Search

Katy Doyle, Recruiter


Who are you, and what do you believe in? We live in times where a perfect resume is only an additional requirement for employment. Employers want more. They seek to find what distinguishes you from all the multi-talented candidates who wish to do the same job.

As such, you need to flaunt your strengths, values, and qualifications in a manner that draws potential employers your way. This post sheds light on building a personal brand and, most importantly, how it will assist in your job search.


1. What Is a Personal Brand? 

A personal brand is a “you” brand. How do you want others to view you? Take a moment and reflect on your favorite brands. If you walk into a shop and do not find the brand you trust and love, you’ll move on.

Now put yourself in the same position. Prospective employers are also looking for the best. They need someone that is up to serving beyond what is jotted down on the resume. Use your personal brand to help you stand out. Your expertise, values, and goals give you a unique identity, and that is what makes you, you.


2. How Do You Create a Personal Brand?

Creating a personal brand is the most challenging part for most job seekers. They have what it takes to do the jobs available, but their brand says very little about their potential.

Like every other brand, you have your own set of guiding principles, the things you are passionate about, and most importantly, the things that compliment your unique abilities and strengths. Take some time to think about your values, capabilities and interests, and work on showcasing these consistently.


3. How Do You Put Your Brand Out There?

Brand promotion is a vital aspect in ensuring you remain in the thoughts of potential employers. Here are a few platforms that prove efficient.

Social media

Fortunately for you, online is everyone’s favorite place. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are highly instrumental in showcasing your skills. Here, you can take advantage of every opportunity to shine. However, you must be consistent and portray what is relevant to your brand.

Your networks

The people you’ve met in your previous workplaces, conferences, networking groups, and other places directly connect with your skills. Such people can be very instrumental in promoting your brand and everything you stand for when an opportunity for a job arises.

Your resume

Are your resume and cover letter telling more than just your academic and professional qualifications? Prompt potential employers to visit your social media accounts or contact your referral sources to see what you have achieved in your line of expertise and how your former clients and co-workers feel about your services.


4. What Mistakes Must You Avoid While Putting Your Brand Out There?

Unfortunately, mistakes are often made inadvertently. Here are four you should try to avoid:

Blowing your own trumpet, hard

In the attempt to promote your brand, be sure not to overdo it. You don’t want to give employers the impression that you think you are too good for them. Ensure that your online content doesn’t make you look arrogant.


Inconsistency will confuse your audience. It could even depict you as an unreliable person. Double-check your resume and everything you post online and ask yourself if it aligns with your brand.

Too much information

Don’t overshare. Posting relevant content is great, but it’s easy to get carried away. Set a daily limit of posts you can share online and avoid controversial or personal information that may not be relevant to your general audience. Keep some things to the mystery!

Being rigid

Whatever means so much to you now might be irrelevant tomorrow. That’s the same with potential employers. It is vital to be flexible to fit in with current trends. Otherwise, your brand might remain irrelevant.



Your brand is not dependent on your social media following. It’s about what you want people to perceive of you professionally and personally. It can be challenging to build your brand, but it will come over time. Contact us for any questions and learn more about our Lutz Talent services for candidates. 





Katy Doyle is a Recruiter at Lutz Talent with over nine years of experience in the recruiting industry. Her primary responsibility is placing candidates for Lutz Talent clients, as well as assisting with filling internal roles at Lutz. Doyle specializes in search and staffing for accounting and finance positions.

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