cybersecurity awareness month + 8 tips to keep you protected


Cybersecurity is an ever-prominent, continuously evolving topic in the business world today. With new technological advancements daily, it can be challenging to stay on top of the latest “trends” in cybersecurity. Meaning, if you’re unaware of the latest cybercrime tactics, it will be difficult to evade its lures.

Luckily, here at Lutz, we have a team of tech-sperts who can help you understand what these cyber threats look like, and how to protect yourself and your business from becoming the next victim. Below are a few tips to help you stay safe and secure in the cyber-world:


There are two ways cybersecurity threats are generated, internally and externally. Internal threats are the most common and cause about 55% of cybersecurity issues, while external threats cause about 45%.

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Cybersecurity for your business, as well as for you individually, starts with understanding cyber threats and prevention measures in four primary areas: phishing, account security, physical security, and personnel security.

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When businesses want to keep their data safe and secure no matter where it’s located, they often use a virtual private network (VPN). It creates a safe way to access corporate data online over networks that are not encrypted or secure, such as free public Wi-Fi networks.

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Two-factor authentication is becoming the standard for many businesses. By simply requiring an additional form of authentication, for example, sending a text to your phone with a unique code to verify your login, helps to drastically reduce the probability that cyber attackers will be able to penetrate your system.

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At Lutz Tech, we advise all our clients to take widely accepted precautions such as using unique passwords, avoiding public Wi-Fi when accessing or sharing sensitive information, and regularly scanning for viruses and malware. On top of that, we recommend that our clients adopt a 3-step approach to guide them in preventing phishing attacks and minimizing damage if they occur.

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Securing your organization’s email is more important than ever. Microsoft 365’s addon, Advanced Threat Protection, includes anti-phishing capabilities that can detect email spoofing by hackers.

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Your organization needs a robust Wi-Fi security policy that will protect its network from unauthorized access; without compromising the network availability or productivity for authorized users.

Use our four best practices that will help you ensure your business’s Wi-Fi network offers the highest level of protection to your organization.

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If your business falls victim to cybercrime, it’s important to contact your financial institution immediately.

Other resources to contact in the event of a breach include your local FBI office, county sheriff’s office, police department, or division of criminal investigation. You should also report a breach at

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There are many useful tools that can help you stay secure online. These resources, along with continued education, will help give you the protection you need in today’s cyber-world. Contact one of our Lutz Tech members today for or more information on cybersecurity, or to help you answer any questions.


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