2019 Payroll Update

There are several important updates and considerations related to wages and year-end payroll duties. Please review the included topics and contact us if you have any questions…

6 Things to Know About the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

If the final couple months of 2018 snuck up on you, it’s not too late to do some tax planning for the current year. It may be time for a refresher on how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed last December, may affect you and/or your business…

5 Ways to Make Your Budgets Work

There are numerous reasons why a lot of small businesses don’t create budgets. They are time-consuming and difficult to create. And perhaps the most universal reason: It’s too challenging to predict what your income and expenses might be…

Billing for Time: How QuickBooks Does It

Are you still using paper timecards to create paychecks and paper invoices to bill customers for time-based services? If so, you’re doing unnecessary data entry and risking the loss of billable time…

Keep Financial Data Safe: 5 Tips

When a major corporation that has data of several hundred thousand customers suffers a data breach, it’s big news. But no business is too small to get hacked. In fact, smaller companies are sometimes considered easy prey because thieves think they’re not as well-protected as industry giants…

5 Common Payroll Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Make a mistake on an invoice, and you’ll displease a customer. Commit an error while you’re preparing payroll, and you may have a bigger price to pay. You’re accountable to employees and regulatory agencies, all of whom expect absolute accuracy…

Considering QuickBooks? 10 Reasons Why You Should

You may have a manual accounting system that seems to work fine. You understand it. You’re able to send invoices and pay bills, record expenses, and analyze management information. You don’t know, though, how much more efficient and productive you could be by using QuickBooks until you’ve tried it…

5 Money Management Tips for Independent Contractors

It’s nice to get a steady paycheck; you know how much money is coming in, and when. You left that behind when you became self-employed, knowing that you’d probably face some financial unpredictability. But there are steps you can take to avoid being in a constant state of uncertainty. Here are five of them…


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